Fast Fact Friday


“For retailers, shopping is the art of persuasion. There are many factors that influence how and what consumers buy, however, a great deal is decided by visual cues, the strongest and most persuasive being color.”  ~KISSmetrics

Marketers and graphic designers who are familiar with the psychological influences of color are at a marked advantage.  We thought we’d share this great infographic that explains how the most popular colors make shoppers feel.  For example, red is known to increase heart rate and create a sense of urgency, which is why you see it used for so many sale or closeout signs.  Green is most recently associated with conservation and preservation of resources, but the color itself creates a relaxed feeling when looked upon.

The next time you are designing a sign, a direct mail piece, an advertisement, a website, a logo, consumer packaging, or anything related to your product, brand or image, carefully consider whether the colors you are using will invoke the response you want from your customers.  Not only do 85% of consumers say that color influences purchase decisions, but 80% agree that color increases brand recognition.   Those numbers are too significant to ignore.

Read more about how shoppers are influenced by color here.

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